Connecting Cannabis Brands,
Consumers and Communities

Cannabis Brands Believe in Doing Things the Right Way. From Growing Clean, Tested Products To Giving Back To Communities.
TruStrain’s Connected Packaging Platform Gives Brands Their Own Video Tracking Platform To Craft Their Stories,
Authenticate Product Using Video and Lab Reports, And Build a Bridge From Farm, To Consumer, To Community.

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Craft Your Digital Seed To Sale Story

Learn How to Leverage Your Seed-To-Sale Tracking Into Increased Brand Loyalty and
Customer Engagement Through the TruStrain Platform

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How Can We Help Grow Your Cannabis Businesses

Instant Video Authentication Platform

  1. Authenticate Product With Lab Results, Provenance, and Product-Specific Videos Streamed Directly From Brand To Age-Verified Consumer
  2. Content Is Customizable By Target Demographic (Market, Product, Goodwill/Loyalty Campaign) with Easy-To-Use Dashboard.
  3. Video Channel Controlled By Brand With No Third-Party Video Platform Required.
  4. Stream Videos Directly Through Your Packaging to Tell the Product Story or Highlight Goodwill Efforts and Campaigns
  5. Update the Video Story At Anytime With No Packaging Changes
Charity Tracker

Bring Consumers Into Your Brand’s Story With Survey Builder and Real-Time, Goodwill Tracking Features

Custom Survey Builder Feature – Thank Consumers For Their Support and Opinions By Giving Back To the Causes They Care About For Each Completed Survey

Connect Purchases To Charitable Efforts Thru Automated, Real-Time Tracking Platform. Campaigns May Include:

  1. “Tree Tracker” – Number of Trees Planted For Each Product Purchased or Survey Completed.
  2. “Meal Tracker” – Number of Meals Donated to a Local Food Bank For Each Purchase or Completed.
  3. “Funds Tracker” – Number of Dollars Donated to Drug Reform or Social Justice Efforts.
  4. “Charity Election” – Let Consumers Vote on Where the Funds Are Donated.

Using the Video Streaming Platform, Brands Can Deliver On-Going Campaign Updates, Showing Consumers “Charity In Action”

Data Analytics – Gain Insight While Giving Back

With Each Engagement, Brands Gain Insight Into Consumers and Their Preferences By Receiving:

  1. Uniquely Tracked, Real-Time Survey Responses
  2. Real-Time Data on Videos Viewed and For How Long
  3. Who Scanned/Tapped What, When and Where
The TruStrain Advantage – Tell Your Brand’s TruStory

Direct Marketing Channel

Maintain state and local compliant operations with TruStrain’s proprietary seed-to-sale tracking platform while also receiving real-time data of customer purchases and sales histories.

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